19: What’s New in Streaming – March 5, 2021


Boss Level (Mar. 5) – Hulu original directed by Joe Carnahan with Frank Grillo as a special forces soldier trying to escape a time loop that results in his death. Also featuring Mel Gibson, Naomi Watts, Michelle Yeoh, and Rob Gronkowski.


Ginny & Georgia, Season 1 (Feb 24) Gilmore Girls-esque show, but more mature

City of Ghosts, Season 1 (Mar. 5) – Charming kids animated series from Emmy winner Elizabeth Ito (“Adventure Time”) featuring the voices and stories of real LA residents.

Dogwashers (Mar. 5) Dark comedy from Columbia about a narco who has to pay a debt to save his men.

Nevenka: Breaking the Silence (Mar. 5) Limited documentary series about the plaintiff in the first successful lawsuit against a politician for sexual harassment in Spain

Sentinelle (Mar. 5) French action thriller about a soldier who is trying to get revenge for her sister

Pokemon Journeys: The Series, Season 4 (Mar. 5) – Pokemon, duh.

Fate of Alakada: The Party Planner (Mar. 5) Highest grossing Nigerian film of all-time debuting on Netflix

Bombay Rose (Mar. 8) Hand drawn animated romance from India – looks really pretty

Last Chance U: Basketball (Mar. 10) – Docu-series spinning off from the original Last Chance U, which focused on football, a look at East Los Angeles Junior College, the last chance for troubled college kids to be successful at basketball.

Marriage or Mortgage, Season 1 (Mar. 10) – Trashy reality show where a real estate agent and a wedding planner compete to convince couples on whether they should spend their fortune on a wedding or a house.

Coven of Sisters (Mar. 11) – Spanish drama about witches who cleverly plan to delay their execution

The Block Island Sound (Mar. 11) – horror thriller from writers of American Vandal and Cobra Kai

Bombay Begums (Mar. 11) – Contemporary story about five women in Mumbai, India


Close Enough, Season 2 (Feb. 25) – Adult animated sitcom about a couple and their 5-year-old daughter in LA

Lupe (Feb. 26) – Darling of the film festival circuit, LBGTQ immigrant story

— Week of Mar. 5th —

Covid Diaries NYC (Mar. 9) – Documentary premiere chronicling the lives of five filmmakers aged 17-21 who film themselves and their families during the pandemic

Genera+ion (Mar. 11) – Ensemble story about high school students coming of age. Features Martha Plimpton, Justice Smith, and J. August Richards

Tig n Seek, Season 1a (Mar. 11) – Animated series about a detective named Tig and his cat named Gweeseek. Includes voice work from Jermaine Clement and Wanda Sykes.


Raya and the Last Dragon (Mar. 5) – Disney+ Premier Access

WandaVision Season Finale! (Mar. 5)

Apple TV+

Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry (Feb. 26) – Concert documentary released day-and-date to theaters and on Apple TV+. Witness the incredible rise of Billie Eilish as she tours and records the album that changes her life.

Amazon Prime Video

Coming 2 America (Mar. 5)